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OHZONE LAUNDRY is the only laundromat with Ozone technology in the Erie area.  An older, traditional self-service laundromat--previously called Grandview Laundromat--has been converted into OHZONE LAUNDRY, with dynamic new wash capabilities.

Located at 1301 East Grandview Blvd, in Erie, Pennsylvania, OHZONE LAUNDRY is equipped with a wash system designed and made by Articlean Ozone Laundry Systems of Versailles, Kentucky. Ozone technology is far better for the environment and for users than traditional wash systems. 

The features to ozone laundering are many, including:

  • Whiter, softer, and cleaner smelling laundry

  • Cold water can replace hot water for a wash that lengthens fabric life

  • Drying times are reduced because the ozone opens material fibers

  • Much improved linen appearance 

  • Far less chemical products are used (no chlorine bleach, odor maskers, or softeners)

  • Powerful sanitizing washes and rinses with each load 

  • Each machine is fully disinfected with every use

See more about this innovative new wash system available to customers at OHZONE LAUNDRY below!

All information and research from ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems.

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