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The Greener and Cleaner way to do Laundry 


OHZONE LAUNDRY offers innovative ozone technology to customers looking for cleaner, greener, safer and healthier ways to do laundry. Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, OHZONE LAUNDRY's self-service coin laundry business enables customers to step into the future of energy-saving, disinfecting, cleaner and fresher laundering at traditional laundering prices.  

       Experience the same kind of industrial quality ozone wash system as those endorsed by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) for Hospitals and Health Care Industries. OHZONE LAUNDRY is currently the only coin laundry in the area having equipment designed and made in the USA by ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems, a company with over 25 years of proven results in this cutting-edge energy saving, greener and cleaner laundering system.

Looking for more ways to go green? Review the ozone wash system video, then visit OHZONE Laundry today, where as simple a task as doing your laundry can clean and disinfect your clothes and linens while improving the quality of our environment in numerous ways. 

Folding Clothes
Cleaner, Healthier Laundry

More effective than chlorine, ozone is the strongest reproducible medical-grade oxidizer and sanitizer known to man and is used today by many health care industries and institutions such as nursing homes, prisons, and even professional sports teams.


Ozone is very effective at killing germs, microbes, bed bugs, bacteria, pathogens and viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis, MRSA., and Covid 19. It's also effective at eliminating odors and most stains.

OHZONE LAUNDRY disinfects not only the clothes and linens in the wash, but the washing machines as well. Each time any washer is used, the wash and rinse cycles clean and disinfect the contents and the machine. 

Eco Friendly

This literally means Earth-Friendly or not harmful to the environment. Benefit highlights include: 


  • OHZONE LAUNDRY makes ozone for it's wash system, just as it's made in nature. 

  • Our cold-water wash technology yields energy-saving reductions of hot water, natural gas, and electricity--with smaller carbon footprints. 

  • Washing and rinsing with ozonized water requires less detergent and no bleach, softeners, or odor maskers. That also means an elimination of heat-activated chemicals.

  • Wastewater from OHZONE LAUNDRY is wonderfully GREEN, adding oxygen to the discharged water instead of who-knows-what chemical concoctions

  • Eliminating chlorine bleach and other harmful chemicals from the wash system improves the atmosphere in and around the facility, with no more "swimming pool" chlorine odors associated with traditional laundering. ​



OHZONE LAUNDRY isn't your typical coin laundromat.


It has an innovative ozone wash system that results in a superior, plusher finished product. Your clothes and linens will feel, look, and smell fantastic, with no more flat, crusty-feeling towels with chemical smelling residues. Too, ozone aids in whitening and provides a "clothesline fresh" smell to laundry

An ozone wash also helps soften clothes and linens by opening up the fabric weave. This boosts dryer efficiency by lowering water retention in fabrics going to the dryers so your laundry can finish in shorter drying times. 


Not sure what Ozone is? Click here to learn more about it. 

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