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Biggest Benefits of OHZONE  LAUNDRY

OHZONE LAUNDRY is dedicated to providing our community with equipment that enables customers to take environmental stress out of the necessary process of cleaning their clothes.


Hot water, chlorine, and high PH levels common to traditional laundering are all harmful to clothes and linens by wearing down the individual fibers. Ozone is the strongest commercially reproducible sanitizer known to man; it works well without the drawbacks of hot water, chlorine bleach , high PH, and the many chemical products common to most traditional laundering. Because of the disinfecting capabilities of ozone, hot water is not necessary for a wash. Traditional washing calls for water to be heated from 135 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot water requires more energy and it damages the fibers.  Ozonated water, cold--or to a lessor extent, warm,--provides energy that usually comes from hot water to activate the laundry chemicals and chemistry that typically occurs only with hot water in a normal wash. Since ozone wash systems eliminate as much as 95% of the hot water consumed, the natural gas reduction to heat the water per wash is considerable. By washing with cold ozonated water, the life of your clothes and linens will also be increased. Past ArtiClean hotel and other institutional customers have noticed visible improvement in their linen quality and even said they were spending far less money on linen replacement throughout the year after switching to cold ozonated water. ​


OHZONE LAUNDRY also contributes to the safety and health of our customers--especially critical during these pandemic times--by providing our community with cleaning technology previously available to mainly hospitals, nursing homes, major institutions, companies, and large organizations. You can put Ozone's powerful disinfecting qualities--3200x greater than chlorine--to work for you, right here in southeast Erie, Pennsylvania, sanitizing both your laundry and your washing machines after each use. 


To sum up, the benefits from ozone wash systems are nothing short of amazing.

See how SOFTER & FRESHER and CLEANER & GREENER they'll be for you!


Come visit us today!

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