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OHZONE LAUNDRY's ozonated wash system provides the opportunity to add personal laundering to each customer's own individual repetoire of environmental efforts. 

Although climate change may seem beyond our influence, it's really not. Not while each of us can choose to:

  • Conserve and recycle

  • Select energy efficient systems and products

  • Reduce waste and pollution

  • Patronize and support environment friendly businesses and organizations

  • Vote for environmentally proactive legislators and agendas

  • Teach and urge others to do the same

As low-interest savings rates compound over time to achieve surprisingly large financial gains, many small-scale environmental efforts combined over time can help reduce climate change.

To that end, OHZONE LAUNDRY's new wash system results not only in softer, cleaner and disinfected clothes, but also enables users to help sustain a healthy environment.

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